In 2022, Cambodia has the honour of serving as the ASEAN Chair for the third time under the theme

ASEAN A.C.T.: Addressing Challenges Together

The theme underscores ASEAN’s spirit of “Togetherness” as one community and the common will in our collective endeavour to address and overcome challenges facing our region.

“Togetherness” emphasizes the action-oriented approach of ASEAN that is based on openness, good faith, solidarity, and harmony within the ASEAN family.

Under this theme, Cambodia seeks to bring our stone to the building of a harmonious ASEAN Community that is peaceful, stable, and prosperous, underpinning ASEAN’s engagement with the wider region and regional responses to the impact and uncertainties posed by regional and global challenges. These include the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change and sustainable development, rivalries between major powers, protectionism, territorial dispute, trade ars and technology rivalries, and other traditional and non-traditional security threats. 

Building on the achievement of the previous chairmanships, Cambodia will steer ASEAN’s collective efforts to accomplish our important tasks, especially in expediting the building process of an equitable, strong, and inclusive ASEAN Community, which are in line with the core spirit of ASEAN: “One Vision, One Identity, One Community”.